Our process

Each product is made with an incredible amount of handwork involved. From start to finish, belts, wallets, and bags will have hours and hours of work invested in them to carefully create high quality products.

Upon ordering, we will personally reach out to the customer to discuss all of the details of the project and will begin to brainstorm ideas. Then, we will design either a hand-sketched or computer-generated mock-up, and send photos to the customer for approval. Once the go ahead is received, the next step is carving. Kayla does this process using a swivel knife and requires precision with a steady hand.

Then, using numerous metal tools each with different shapes, textures, and points, Kayla brings the piece to life by using a mallet to gently apply repeated, steady pressure to the tools to create the desired aesthetic. This process gives the leather dimension and sculpts the artwork. After tooling, the piece is ready to be dyed/painted according to the customers’ wishes!

Derik then dyes and/ or paints the leather, using an airbrush or brushes, to give it some color before sealing all of the hard-work thus far to protect the paint/dye work. At this point the “body” with all of the art work is glued to a liner piece of leather  for durability, and then stitched and assembled by Kayla.

Now, the product is almost finished except for the edges. Most edges are burnished,  dyed to match the color of the piece, then topped off with some edge “kote” to polish off the piece.

By now, the belt, wallet, or whatever project ordered has had hours upon hours of handwork devoted to it and is ready to be shipped out!

All of Lotus Leather’s work is handmade to-order in our old, converted barn workshop in Canby, Oregon.