Custom Purse, Bag, and Backpack Info

Interested in putting your own custom design on a bag?

This is a great opportunity to create a piece of wearable art that is extremely personal. Would also make an amazing, unique gift!

We currently offer several styles of customizable bag. We will be adding more styles in the near future. You will get your choice of your main background (bag body) color, option of fringe, and then your design will be added to the large flap on the front, as well as the option of a matching shoulder-piece. 

We are more than happy to help you come up with ideas too if you aren't sure, or provide our professional opinions on the overall composition, etc. 

We can add personalization such as a name, or initials upon request. Please provide the text you want as well as the location in a private message. Your personalization will be added with a laser- engraver.

Included with this purchase is up to 2 hours of professional graphic design work and layout- If a design requires a lot of custom drawing, or is very intricate, (or if you change your mind after we have already designed it), extra design time is available at $50/ hr- We will discuss this with you if your design is complicated before we start. 


Steps for ordering custom items:

  • “Send us a detailed email about what you want- If you have examples of the designs you want, please include photos”.
  • “All custom pieces are handcrafted from start to finish using high- quality leathers, hardware, and durable, waxed thread.
  • We work with each customer on a personal level to make sure we get your project just right- we want this process to be fun and exciting for you. 
  • Photos and updates of your leather piece will be sent to you throughout the process.

Protect your investment! All of our bags now come with a complementary bag-hanger so that you never have to put it on the ground while out-and-about. This small hanger folds up into a compact size, and then opens to fit onto the side of a table. Very convenient!

Most of our custom bags are priced the same, unless your idea is considerably more or less work than average. 

“What determines my quoted price?”

  • “The amount of pattern-designing, tooling, dye work, and finishing work required. Please keep in mind that handmade leatherwork is a time-consuming process that requires many steps.
  • The amount of materials/ hardware needed.
  • Payment plans through are available

“How long will my project take?”

  • This really just depends on our current workload and how intricate your piece is- We will give you a rough estimate of when we think it will be done during our consultation, before you agree to the purchase. 
  • If you need an item by a specific date, please contact us and ask if it can be done- We will do our best to get it done in time for you. 

See the list below for estimated wait times:

Item Type

Expected Timeframe

Custom Wallets

2-6 weeks

Custom Bags

4-8 weeks