Leather Care

Please keep in mind; genuine leather needs to be broken in. This will take time and regular use of your piece. You will notice when first receiving your piece that it is quite stiff; with regular use it will begin to break-in within a matter of weeks.

Natural darkening of your piece is to be expected. Over time, oil from your skin, moisture, and daily wear begin to set into your piece and you will notice the leather develop a natural patina. This is perfectly normal and to be expected!

I highly suggest keeping your leather dry and away from complete water submersion. Structurally,  the leather itself will be able to withstand natural elements, however; the shape and paint of your piece may begin to disfigure & fade more rapidly if it is often exposed to water. Moisture added to leather can speed up the darkening process and shorten the lifespan of the product.

It is recommended to occasionally use a clean cloth with a small dab of olive oil or leather conditioner to gently rub on the leather piece to keep it shiny, conditioned, and the colors popping!