Prism Planner - Hardcover Daily Planner, Notebook, Undated, Meal Planner and Adult Coloring Book

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Prism Planner Color

A lively, colorful, all-in-one tool of multidimensional organization and joyous reflection.

We love this planner because it features beautiful, vibrant design, full-color pages, gorgeous hard cover, and original hand-drawn artwork.

Simple to use but all-encompassing.

  • Weekly meal planning pages with categorized grocery lists, daily gratitude journaling, coloring pages, blank “doodling” or notes pages, places to keep your important records like websites, passwords, contact info, and inspirational quotes/weekly challenges to encourage you to expand beyond your comfort zone and reshape your lifestyle.
  • Compartmentalized calendars help you break it down.
  • 52 weekly layouts (Sunday-Saturday), with days divided into “Morning, Afternoon, and Evening” sections, and designated space to focus on priorities and reflection.
  • 12 monthly layouts with calendars with “things to remember” lists, separate areas for personal and work notes, and a place to reflect on your month so you can make next month even better!
  • Yearly reference calendar.
  • Compact, yet substantial and sturdy.
  • Delightful dimensions: 7”x 9”x 0.71”, 270 pages (135 sheets) of thick, (100 gsm) recycled paper (About twice as thick as a standard sheet of printer paper.)
  • Thoughtfully crafted with real people in mind.
  • 3 ribbon bookmarks, expandable pocket, pen holder, and elastic band closure. No corners were cut to save a few pennies in manufacturing!
  • Environmentally friendly and budget conscious.

Feel good about buying this UNDATED, QUALITY product (made with recycled materials) that you can start anytime without wasting pages and use year after year.

More than just a planner, this luxury folio serves as a multi-purpose tool of mass creation.

With weekly, monthly, and yearly calendars, you will have all the dates and references you need at the ready.

No more worrying about forgetting appointments, holidays, birthdays, due dates, and events. Write it down, follow along, and be on top of it!

Save money, eat well, and eliminate stress by getting a grip on the endless chaos of cooking and shopping with meal planning pages and categorized grocery lists. Keep focused on the good stuff with daily prompts to reflect on what you are grateful for, inspiration for maintaining mindfulness, and ongoing challenges for making personal progress.

Awaken your creative brain with coloring pages or original hand-drawn artwork, and ease anxiety by “doodling” on blank pages.

With all of these handy tools and features in one place, this is the only planner you’ll ever need. And we mean EVER!

Our planner comes UNDATED, which means you can start any time of the year and use it over and over again. (Try using FriXion erasable pens).

Designed to be ultra functional, practical, and built to last. When used in the fullest capacity, this planner will support you in transforming your life by shifting your perspective towards positivity and abundance.

Let us help you make space for your priorities, glean the most from your time, and revel in the goodness of all the awesome things you do and get done! If your goal is to be more productive, our planner will assist with that, but it can also help you determine ways to reduce stress and anxiety by simplifying your to-do lists and schedule.

Get to know yourself better by realizing your own trends and patterns over time and make changes where needed. Be your best self and infuse your business with pleasure using Prism Planner.


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