Leather Messenger Bag With Inlaid Orthoceras Fossil

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This unique, wearable piece of art as been handmade using high-quality genuine cowhide leather, and stitched with thick, durable thread.

Inlaid is a genuine Orthoceras Fossil- A long, straight cephalopod from the Devonian Period 350 million years ago. These creatures lived in a shallow sea, where Morocco is now. Orthoceras are identified by their straight shell with center siphuncle.  They became extinct approximately 190 million years ago.


Measures approx. 10.5" L x 9" W x 2 D" with a front pocket, and a small zippered- inner pocket.

Durable, double-layered adjustable shoulder strap ranges from 44"- 52" inches in total length, and features a wider sliding shoulder-piece for added comfort.

Durable flat black steel hardware (including unique rounded lobster claps).

Protect your investment

All of our bags now come with a complementary bag-hanger so that you never have to put it on the ground while out-and-about. This small hanger folds up into a compact size, and then opens to fit onto the side of a table.

Very convenient!

Bag hangers also sold separately.


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