100% real vegetable tanned leather of various sizes and thicknesses.
Our vegetable tanned leather scraps are just what you need for small projects, repairs, or beginning your leatherworking journey.
We try to provide an assortment of sizes and thicknesses of our leather so that you can have just the right bits for your projects.
These 100% vegetable tanned leather scraps are shown here with a pencil for scale. (No bananas were available).
Assorted sizes of leather remnants and scraps shown bagged and ready to ship.

3 lb. Vegetable Tanned Leather Remnants/Scraps

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Sold By the Pound

3 pounds of various thicknesses and sizes of vegetable tanned leather.

Weights range from 1oz- 10oz.

Perfect for small projects, repairs, beginning leatherworkers, etc.

Pieces range from 1"- 16" or more.

I will give you a good variety, and try to make sure you get some decently sized pieces. There will be some burned edges from our laser-cuter.

Sold by the pound - please contact me for custom quantity or bulk pricing.

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